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You can download instructions for Form 6251 here.
The pdf of this version to download of Form 6251 is not interactive.

The gist of it is that the Alternative Minimum Tax makes sure that people who use a lot of tax loopholes and/or deductions have to pay at least a minimum amount of tax.

So in this case you can refer to the AMT for it's alternative set of rules to figure out your tax. In some cases, it is better for you and then maybe not.

You have to do the math.

However you do the ciphering you will have to at least pay the AMT.

Here are the numbers and how they breakdown.

The AMT exemption amounts for tax year 2014 are:

1   $82,100 for a married couple filing a joint return and qualifying widows and widowers;

2   $52,800 for singles and heads of household;

3  $40,400.00 for a married person filing separately.

These figures are to go up for the future and beyond.

Read these facts, to better understand, what is going on with the AMT

1 Tax laws provide tax benefits for certain kinds of income and allow special deductions and credits for certain expenses.
2 These benefits can drastically reduce some taxpayers’ tax obligations.
Congress created the AMT in 1969, targeting higher-income taxpayers who could claim so many deductions they owed little or no income tax.
4 Because the AMT is not indexed for inflation, a growing number of middle-income taxpayers are discovering they are subject to the AMT.
5 You may have to pay the AMT if your taxable income for regular tax purposes plus any adjustments and preference items that apply to you are more than the AMT exemption amount.
6 The AMT exemption amounts are set by law for each filing status.

Use the IRS AMT Assistant to determine whether you may be subject to the AMT.