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In 1812 due to the war,

the USA initiated an income tax. The tax was stopped in 1817 after the war debt was cleared up.

The USA started it up again in 1862 with the establishment of the office of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue.

The civil war was the motivator for this tax, and it was never repealed since.

Income Tax became permanent in 1913 with the 16th amendment.

Most countries have a tax rate scale whereas people who earn more pay more.

You can also learn a lot about income tax from the tax forms and instructions and the websites linked below..

Let me refer you to this site for 1040 forms of all kinds and the instructions that go with.

If you are self employed, you must submit a W-9 Form to the entity who is paying you.
A payer or employer for your contracted services will want you to submit a W9 Form.

Are you interested in getting your tax refund...?
I bet you are.

Income tax humor - can there be any?

Every year you should submit a W4 form to your employer so that the employer can be sure to deduct the proper amount of $$$ from your wages.

Here is some pertinent info:

Online Tax help. There are some warnings here so that you avoid a pitfall or two.