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A useful site with many pages of fundamental and pertinent tax information.
Source for useful deductions to lower your tax burden.
What you need to know about your withholding from your employer.
Submit a new W4 every year to be sure to stay updated. Free W4 download.
Just what it says, about 1099 forms and 1099 downloads to see (not file).
Source for answers to Social Security questions.
A particularly good website covering the tax write offs and allowances for making charitable donations.
Our favorite site for all things about the IRS W9 form with instructions and free download. Also contains forms for EIN and Social Security applications, etc.
Download various 1040 forms and instructions for free.
Download a W9 form and read about it's uses for  a self employed person etc.
Download and print a W8 form for foreigners.
This site allows you to download both the IRS W9 form with instructions and the related W8 form (For non residents of the USA).
Easy reading and often humorous blog on the general subject of taxes and related business.